Looking Back

It is these moments in my life; when I stumble upon an instagram post from someone I used to be close to, that makes me reminisce those past memories.

It is really funny how time spares no man. How friendships can slip past our fingers so easily. Once it was so precious to us, yet today they are no where near the top of our priorities. As we get on with our daily lives, do we stop to look back and think of all the friends whom we have lost contact with? Do we wonder how they are doing? Will they even remember us?

I guess its a good and a bad thing that nothing lasts forever. It teaches us that every moment is fleeting, and that’s why we hold on to what we have now tightly. Occasionally, we meet new people; some with their own unique personalities, while others remind us of the friends we have once lost. Their personalities and actions can be so similar, yet they are different individuals. I guess these new people come into our life to help us remember who we have lost, and remind us again to treasure who we have right now.

That being said, we should always live in the present, such reflective moments of the past can only be done for a short while. We should never let the past hold us back. That’s why I have left such a moment to a single blog post, and shall resume studying for finals now.


Kai Lin 🙂