Last week was a hectic one because it was the Passing out Parade for the 02/16 batch of BMT graduates !!! Surprisingly, all my close male friends belong to this category, so I was quite lucky ^^ still, it would have been better if they had all POP-ed on the same day, so I didn’t have to attend 3 different parades and watch the marching ceremony over and over again. >,<

Still, no regrets as this is probably the only time I will get to attend POPs due to the fact that I have no brothers and I’m forever lonely and single (sobs) 😥

It would have been impossible not to smile and be excited when watching this sea of green move across the parade square, as the nation is reminded of why we advocate conscription and that the sons of Singapore are doing their part to keep our nation free 🙂 Being a patriotic citizen, I was immensely proud of my friends; knowing that they had been through so much tough training physically and mentally, then finally from Ah Boys to become Men!!! 😀

My dear friends, I hope that you have found yourself, forged new friendships and developed your mental strength during these 9 weeks. I definitely went through alot myself too, despite not undergoing BMT; but it was a relief to see you guys happy, well and healthy 🙂 It feels like we are all going through the same challenges, though in different aspects of our lives, and I take comfort in that I am not alone. I have decided to post the photos here, as I couldn’t have typed out such words on instagram, where everything is so public HAHAHAHA. The following photos are not posted in any particular order of importance:





Being someone who is naturally uncomfortable with talking to members of the opposite sex, you guys are the rare few that I can actually open up to (be honoured kay). You guys gave me immense strength to face any difficulties in life, and I know that you will always be there for me, even though we might not talk very often 🙂

Following that, a few rare photos of ZEYU AND BITAO HAHAHAHA




And definitely not forgetting my classmates who came down with me!!



Once again, congratulations on your POP !! Stay strong and defend our nation with pride and glory. Meanwhile, us girls will have to start studying again T.T

Till we meet again,


Kai Lin 🙂


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