Nearing the end (of high school)

This Friday, we will be graduating and finally getting out of school. No more homerooms, classes and having to wake up so early in the morning. I have mixed feelings, I guess I will talk about them more on Friday 🙂

Meanwhile, today marked the end of chemistry tutorials and physics lectures.


Spot my chem teacher! HAHAHA he blends in really well, doesn’t he? Honestly, Mr Ho is my favourite jc teacher. His lessons are never boring, and although he doesn’t show it (always suanning us in class and calling himself as attractive as Al3+), he really does care alot about his students. He does try his very best to produce the best learning outcomes for his students, though some of us may not agree with his teaching methods. Thanks to him, I loved chemistry throughout my jc life :] Thank you Mr Ho, for all your support and care, always answering my questions on whatsapp and calling me “noob” LOLOL Im really sorry that I didn’t live up to your expectations of getting an A for prelims 2, you must be really disappointed. I promise that I will redeem it during As!! XD Stay genius and don’t be so blur!!! hahaha.


The physics department prepared stress balls for us 😀 Anyway, the speeches made by all the physics tutors were so touching today, especially the one about the last episode in Doraemon’s series. T_T Shan’t spoil it for you~ can go check it out yourself! I remembered how I didn’t really like Mr Neiw last year, because he seemed so scary and NOT approachable…but I think after going through this period of hardship and studying for As with him, I realised that he’s REALLY REALLY nice! No wonder our class girls always swoon over him tsktsk. Thanks for staying back in the library and answering our questions (though it’s because you were serving detention for being late) and all the fun times in class when we kept laughing at your actions! You were our primary source of entertainment. Serious. By the way, stop using the traditional fan, use the electronic one we gave you. Stay awesome and all the best to teaching your future batches of year 6s! (I didn’t know we were your first 🙂 )

More thoughts on Friday, but before I go, I shall share this article with you guys. Through it, I found out a bit more about why I behave in certain ways! Can read if you’re bored.

Honestly considering taking up psychology as one of my uni choices now… A few months back I woke up and something struck me that I should study psychology. Don’t know if its a calling HAHA. But honestly, I have always been interested in finding the scientific reasons of why we feel certain emotions and react to different situations in so many different ways.


Kai Lin 🙂


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