17 People On What Their Greatest Heartbreak Taught Them About Love

“It helped me grow into the person I wanted to be and I have to be thankful for that even though it was hard.”
“Love fades, and that’s the most heartbreaking thing about it. “

Thought Catalog

via Flickr - Leo Hidalgovia Flickr – Leo Hidalgo

1. “Mostly I learned that what you leave unsaid can kill whatever love you might have shared.”

—Aaron, 25

beetlejuice2. “I learned that heartbreaks are temporary. Thankfully this is a simple lesson that I only needed to learn once in order to remember it. Every time I’ve had a breakup I’ve remembered this one truth and it’s helped me get through it.”

—Nora, 23

beetlejuice3. “I was devastated when my college boyfriend sat me down a year after we graduated and told me that our relationship wasn’t working for him anymore because he wanted to fuck every breathing biped of the opposite sex, pretty much. The whole girlfriend thing was getting in the way of that. He told me I was like ‘a second job,’ which is hilarious in retrospect because he was unemployed at the time. What I learned from that awful breakup…

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