Quick Post

How’s everyone’s revision going? 🙂 Sorry that I haven’t be posting much recently, because I am training to be a “nun” and to focus all my internal energy on studying hahaha.

But apparently it’s not working (of course).

I am typing this as I am munching on a watermelon and after that Im gonna embark on the 14th topic of physics T.T Though my days are filled with studying (albeit occasional naps), I have been spending my breaks watching 神雕侠侣:) For those of you who likes 武侠小说, I would really recommend it! But ya, its 52 episodes long, you might want to consider…though I guess fans would have already watched it long time ago haha. It’s a relatively new film, completed in 2014, so don’t worry about watching it in black and white/low resolution. Of course, not everyone likes these kind of dramas but if you have watched 射雕英雄传 and 倚天屠龙记 before and you liked it, this show is like what happened in between those two shows so YOU WILL LIKE IT. Here’s the opening song:


Next up on my drama list will be ex-girlfriend club yayyy~ Hopefully I won’t get too distracted by my dramas but haha, everyone needs a little break to run a extra mile, right? After all, idleness will only lead to increased productivity(Y). Meanwhile I have started reading City Of Bones and maybe someday im gonna borrow the DVD and watch it! Anyone wants to watch with me? The benefit is that you will have an awesome companion to watch with :p

As Im done with my watermelon, I guess I should stop here. Don’t get too worried about me if I don’t type in a long time, I will probably reblog loads of interesting articles for you to read (: Don’t give up okay, the end is near…if you ever need help, pm me and I will be there for you right away! (whether its regarding studies or not)


Kai Lin 🙂


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