A Look Inside My Writing Process

Applies to bloggers too ^^

Thought Catalog

Writers are unique individuals. Our brains don’t think the way those of normal folk do. We’re inspired by the simplest of things sometimes, and our inspiration is like a newborn baby — ready to put us to work at any given minute.

A few friends have asked me what my writing process is like, and I’ve gotten some pieces of fan mail asking the same thing. Since, personally, the writing processes of other people fascinate me, I figured that I would give you a look inside mine:

All you need is tea

I can’t write a word without a cup of tea to start my day. Even if I’m starting to write more in the afternoons or evenings, I usually need a warm cup of tea right next to me. I’m not a coffee drinker (I was about 4-foot-10 as a high school freshman and feared my growth being stunted in…

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