Really wanted to type my feelings about this entire episode out. It made me discover many things, and learnt to see things more objectively.

As junior college students in Singapore know, PW is an acronym for “Project Work”, which is a H1 A-level subject every JC student has to take at JC1 level. It is the most dreaded two-letter word of a 17 year old, and looking back at those days I did PW, I never want to go through the same torture again.

So yesterday, our PW results came out. It was the release of the first major examination result that most of us has had in years (after PSLE). There was an air of suspense coupled with some excitement throughout the entire morning, though no one really mentioned it, and we got on with our lessons and economics test. Nearing the results release at 2pm, the Year 6s were growing more nervous each second. I reassured my friends and prayed silently in my heart for my entire class to get an A. At that point in time, it was only what I could think of. I had felt neutral the entire morning, and didn’t feel like the release of PW results was a big deal at all. Maybe I had known that our fate was already sealed the moment we ended our group OP last year. However, at 1.59pm, I actually started to feel nervousness like everyone else and huddled together with some of my closest friends in class in anticipation. I think I will never forget the hopeful looks on their faces then.

When the principal announced that 2 classes had 100% As, I really really strongly believed that it was our class. Not being over-confident or anything here, but 6H is really a class who works very very very hard. People may say that we are the smartest, but I think if I have to describe it, we are actually just a bunch of really hard-working and sincere people. We are not exactly results-oriented, but being in this class just pushes us to want to achieve our full potential. I guess its the attitude of the people in our class that has had the most influence. The best thing about our class is, we rejoice for each other’s successes, and help each other in our lowest moments. Though I cannot deny that sometimes we fail to grip our friends’ hands a little tighter, to make their hearts a little stronger, to give them that self-confidence they should be having in their own academics. At this point in time, I would like to say, 6H, you guys really have the potential, just be confident and you can reach there 🙂 Anyway, so we queued up in register order to hear our results from our form teacher. Yes, I got an A, but when I heard it, I didn’t feel as happy as I should have felt. I think it was because I realised that the mood in our class had suddenly sunk to the lowest level. As I looked around, there were looks of disappointment in some of my friends faces. One of my friend even broke down in front of my form teacher, and as I hugged her, there was an awkward silence lingering among our class girls. I think it was even worse than any one minute of silences we had ever had. Now when I think about it, I realised why I wasn’t happy. What would have truly made me happy was seeing everyone in my class satisfied by their own results. As cliche as it sounds, other people’s mood really influences my own.

PW is a really screwed up subject. Individual components like PI and EoM were graded by our own subject tutors, and OP was graded by our school teachers. If your subject tutors are lenient, then they will just happily grade the entire class an A. Perfect. How come slackers can get an A and hard-workers cannot get one? It’s really unfair. Some people really deserved better. Life is really unpredictable. How can people who look so happy one moment become so demoralised at the next?

On a side note, I must still be happy because my group did it 😀 Guys, our efforts paid off!!! Wah if anyone of you didn’t get the same result I would not have known how to react. All of us really deserved it, considering the amount of efforts we put into PW, especially our WR HAHAHA. Being the only group with full As in our class, I cannot be more thankful than this. Thank you for making it, my teammates.


HAHA this was the picture I posted 5 months ago, and I will never forget the relief on our faces when we stepped out of our OP venue. I dont know what you guys were feeling at that moment, but I just want to let you guys know that I was really really proud of our team, having such great teammates who went through thick and thin together. To my PW group mates, Thank You. It will only get better from here onwards. All the best for your As, don’t let our PW efforts go into waste 🙂

2 As down, 6 more to go. 8 distinctions, here I come. (hopefully)

Kai Lin 🙂


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