FARMtastic Fun!

Left home at like 6.45 am yesterday and reached home at 10pm. Was out for more than 12 hours, caught a flu, got caught in the rain, was almost late for tuition, sneaked dinner in to tuition; but it was worth it. 

In the morning, I went for a CIP at farmart centre (cck) with some other RVians). Our group comprised of mostly year 6s, with one year 5. Our role was to go there as gamemasters/facilitators, to facilitate the children’s learning in their outing to the farm. So the organizing team(also some year 6s) planned a one day outing for primary school children from low socio-economic status to the farm. My role, as a facil, was to bring my group of kids around the farm to complete the stations the gamemasters have set up and to help the children complete their worksheets.

I didn’t know what to expect when I set out in the morning for this cip. I haven’t been facilitating for quite a long time already, and I was afraid that I wasn’t going to click well with my fellow facils and my participants would feel bored at the end of the outing (im not quite the optimist). However, I must proudly say that my group was really one of the most enthusiastic groups, and my fellow facils were extremely helpful and caring!! ^^ At first we were quite worried for ourselves because our children were really rowdy and disobedient at the start. Zuoming had to shout at them and even his attempts to get them to settle down were almost futile. As the day proceeded, our group became more united and even the kids were putting in their best efforts to complete the tasks given to them and they really did have the most educational experience at the stations. 🙂

FARMtastic fun!

Left to Right: Yammm, Ziz Fu, Isharudy, Ola, Zoroo

As they come from lower family income groups, their upbringing is much different from many of us. The attitudes and values that they have learnt, are also significantly different from how we were brought up to believe in. Through this learning experience, I really hope they had a chance to interact and see how social norms work in society, and to really learn how to be responsible for themselves, to take initiatives for their own learning and to grow up to 出人头地. Hopefully the three of us have inspired our three little kids to work hard and to pursue whatever dreams they may have in the future, and to learn to empathize and care for others, so that they can be inspirers to others when they grow up as well 😀

Last but not least, I would like to thank my fellow facils yammmm and zoroooo for their wonderful attitudes and support throughout the entire journey. Without you two, I don’t think I would be able to control our kids and to last throughout the entire day without fainting from exhaustion. Also, kudos to the organizing team for the great preparatory work done!! This kind of reaffirmed me to find a cip that involves children, because they are really the best people to be with.

Kai Lin 🙂


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