“Life is too short to wait for that one true love to come.”

Hmm I shall start off my first official post with reference to my recently updated twitter header 😀


What does it mean? Does it mean that one should plunge into a relationship now, regardless of whether it’s true love or not, since life is so short?

No, that’s not what I mean.

Often at this age, people jump into relationships, thinking that having another half would complete their life, and as a pair, one can then find true happiness.

I know better than that.

How can you look for someone else to complete YOUR life? See the irony? Being with someone else and assuming that they can complete your life for you, will only crush you into pieces when the relationship is over. Before you plunge into a relationship, find yourself first. Build yourself up, pursue your dreams, be the best person you can ever be. Dream big, learn life skills, pursue your interests. Learn how to cook, wash your own clothes, do housework, go canoeing, bungee jumping, volunteer at the community old folks home,travel to places you have always wanted to go. Only when you complete yourself, and learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, can you then complete someone.

No one wants another person to treat them as the priority in their lives. You should NEVER make anyone a priority in your life. This is your own life, and we should aim to be amazing in our own lives. One day, when we are busy managing our own lives, the right person will come along accidentally, and that is when you know it’s time. When two amazing people come together, then can there be the most amazing relationship ever 🙂

HAHA actually these are just some of my opinions, I have no rights to say what makes a successful relationship. There are people who fall in love at a young age and their relationships last until marriage, so yup! Just want to ask some of my friends, how well do you know the other person? Are you sure that he will be willing to sacrifice anything for you? At this age, everyone is selfish. Everyone wants to succeed in their own lives. Will they bother and take time off to care about you? Treasure your friends and family around you, because they are the ones who will truly stick with you till the end.

Anyway, time for my 重点. Really honored to have been asked out by some of you ahem. But let me list out my flaws here for you in black and white and hopefully by now you would have already given up HAHA. Please. Wake up.

1. I can’t cook. Eh I really really can’t cook. You want a gf who cannot cook?

2. I am super lazy.

3. I am super selfish (someone said)

4. I am highly sensitive.

5. I need someone who can accept all my flaws.

6. I am not even pretty to any extent.

7. Ask yourself, do you really know me?

8. I am someone who is super sensitive, and I need alot of reassurance.

9. I need equal alone time as much as I need someone to be there for me.

10. You have to accept my friends in order for me to accept you.

11. You have to value relationships as much as I do, and treat my family like yours.

12. And many others…

I am seriously tired of saying sorry to all of you, when actually these are the list of things I want to say, but the situation is already too awkward to begin with HAHA. And also, my opinions are shaped by bad experience, so currently Im trying to be a better person, to build my self-esteem and to become someone who has a purpose in life. So, until I become the better version of myself and ready to face the world, please find someone who is much readier than me, much prettier, have a much kinder heart, and suits you more. Don’t waste your time waiting. I am really not good enough for anyone.

Kai Lin 🙂


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